What’s your weapon of choice when you have your period?
Sanitary napkins or tampons?
Either way, you are exposed to health risks, unless you are using an organic version of them. But when you’re new to using an organic product, you may be a little sceptical about their efficacy. Where women health is concerned, however, a natural product could be your best option.
You see, the common sanitary pad you’re using now is doing you more harm than good. Sure, it keeps you from leaking, but it’s not exactly safe and healthy to use. If you use Puressence Pads distributed by Breakroad Global, however, you’re doing your body and health a huge favour. Don’t believe it? Read on.
Common Sanitary Napkins vs. Puressence Pads
Common Sanitary Napkins
Made from recycled papers that were bleached with chlorine dioxide.
Dioxin, the by-product of the bleaching chemical, is 130 times more poisonous than cyanide. It is also one of the most poisonous man-made carcinogens.
Long-term exposure to Dioxin can lead to skin lesions and weakened immune, endocrine, reproductive, and nervous systems. Chronic exposure can result in genital diseases, including cervical cancer.
Contain plastics that trap heat and moisture, turning a sanitary pad into a breeding ground for bacteria.
Some brands use synthetic fibres and chemical additives in producing sanitary pads.
Contributes to more non-biodegradable waste in a landfill, what with each sanitary napkin equivalent to 4 plastic bags.
Puressence Pads
Made with the highest standards of hygiene.
Made of only pure, all-natural cotton with no chlorine used in their production.
Come with 8 layers of all-natural comfort and protection.
Soft, natural cotton guarantees comfort and excellent absorption. Combined with leak-proof side protection, Puressence is more effective and healthier than ordinary sanitary pads.
Feature negative ion strip that does a great job in neutralising odour, eliminating bacteria, and relieving cramps and menstrual pain.
Fitted with a paper layer that directs fluids right down to the layer of superabsorbent polymer gel that is made from plant sac.
Come with a layer of sterilised paper for additional protection and a water-resistant layer that eliminates moisture and heat.
Use a non-toxic super-adhesive to keep it in place.


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